She's A Lady.


Introducing the Jacklyn Lady- Do You series. Here at Studio Jacklyn we love seeing individuals being unapologetically themselves and leading the way in authenticity. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is not afraid to be themselves and enter a room with an undeniable confidence and style. Here we will interview a few of our favourite Jacklyn Ladies and talk all about what makes them them and pieces of advice they can offer to the rest of us. we will cover a diverse range of inspiring woman. The first up is the gorgeous Lauren Burns.


 What makes you YOU? Tell us a little about YOU?

HELLO! My name is Lauren. I’m a creative at heart and have always longed to be in a space surrounded by fashion, design and inspiring women. 

What people probably don’t know/wouldn’t guess about me is I’m a huge introvert — I think that’s where my love for a neutral colour palette comes from, I like blending into my surroundings. I’m a huge homebody and highly sensitive, but incredibly passionate and proud when it comes to the things I do and people I love.

Quick must have wardrobe items?

Blazer (duh), crisp white tee, baggy denim jeans, tailored high waisted trousers, chunky sandals, white sneakers and a quality leather black boot — the perfect building blocks for any and every wardrobe!

What makes you resonate with Jacklyn?

I’ve always been drawn to clean lines and classic, transseasonal pieces to make getting dressed in the morning easy. Jacklyn embodies all of that for me. Effortlessly cool pieces that are tailored yet relaxed to be worn a multitude of ways depending on the occasion. One Jacklyn piece transcends into endless outfit alternatives and that’s exactly how every brand should be made to be. 

What inspires you most? Favourite artists/ accounts, creative directors etc?

I find inspiration in almost everything, there’s so much beauty around us, but currently my favourite creators would have to be @bellathomas, @laurajaynevice, @chainkyr and the queen @endlesslyloveclub of course.

Who are a few of your idols you look up to (dead or alive)? 

Hailey Bieber (aka Hailey Baldwin), Sophia Roe and Josefine H. J for their style of course, and Cara Delevingne for her carefree and fun loving nature, I’ve always wanted to be more spontaneous. 

Favourite saying/ Best life advice?

If it’s meant to be it’ll be 


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