Our Ethical Responsibility
Here at Studio Jacklyn we pride ourselves to maintain a high standard of values that contribute to our ethical responsibility to act humanely and look after the sustainability of our community which includes our workers, consumers and environment.
The ethos behind the company attribute to producing high quality garments and fostering a strong community, where people are encouraged to hold onto pieces for longer and incorporate them into a pre-existing wardrobe to reduce land fill and join the slow fashion movement with limited pieces being produced in each segment. We design and create high quality pieces of timeless nature, selecting beautiful materials that have minimal impact on the environment.
Home Grown- S2 Australian Made

92% of clothing sold in Australia is being imported, which comes at a cost to our creative community. It has become critical to support local makers to keep the Australian fashion manufacturing industry alive.

It took over a year to set  up a quality supply chain in Australia emphasising its diminishing nature. Supporting local means upholding creativity in the Australian fashion industry. Moving production and design onshore simultaneously assists with a sustainable and ethical approach to design. It means higher quality pieces that last longer, smaller runs, less freight and greater control over supply chain transparency. This is also essential to community and culture.


All materials in Segment Two are dead-stock fabrics with natural fibre composition. This is a step in the right direction to reducing landfill and emissions whilst creating garments that feel nicer on the skin and last longer.

We selectively source and develop relationships with all of our staff in Sydney, Australia. We work with a highly skilled tailor and pay more to produce the high quality craftsmanship.
Our factory is continually observed for the following requirements.
 - Paid fairly
- Minimum age
- Clean and safe working conditions
- Workers health
- Free choice to work and encouraged autonomy to speak up
-  No inhumane treatment
- Fair working hours not exceeding 8 hours per day.
All consumption is regularly monitored to reduce wastage. Only a very small limited and exclusive run of each garment is produced within each Segment release.
 Here at Studio Jacklyn we are continuously developing ways to tread a little more lightly and support the movement toward a more environmentally sustainable industry and society.
All our pieces are wrapped in biodegradable packing bags from Better Packaging Co. The orders are packed in reusable market bags, aiming to encourage and support the Jacklyn community in reducing their use of plastic bags. Orders are sent out in Hero biodegradable shipment bags.