Inspired by the instinctive behaviours that offer purpose. An exploration of the balance between strength and vulnerability. Starting with a naked body, JACKLYN offers quality elements of dress, that act as an extension to the self, pieces that become a function of empowerment and fulfillment.

A respect for process, JACKLYN’s ethos lie in taking an idea and creating tangible items that offer a purpose. Beginning with a line, a sketch then develops form and shape to complement the beauty of the female physique.

A refinement, JACKLYN takes inspiration from the past to create a classic modern approach to dress. The modern day, multi-tasking wonder women require pieces that mould around the body in a tailored, relaxed manner to serve the function of an active lifestyle. The modern day uniform combines a mix of relaxed and sharp silhouettes that offer shape to the female form, projecting an effortlessly cool essence.


A community of young professionals that take pride in not only their appearance but enriching their sense of self. They look after their belongings. A modern-day luxury buyer who is conscious about what they consume.
JACKLYN is anti-trend focused, serving a lifestyle function. Community members form a relationship with their garments as they become an expression and extension of their self. 
JACKLYN sees value in co-creation and collaboration. Members add value to the community through the way they wear the garments by embedding personality in the pieces. 




Quality is a key component as the pieces are designed and made to stand the test of time. The JACKLYN girl is conscious about what she possesses, the items are to be consumed as investment pieces.

The aim is to create a sensual experience and promote longevity, members are nurtured to embed meaning and attachment to what they place on their skin. This act of consciousness promotes re-use and longevity. JACKLYN pieces are designed to be passed through the generations, to act as heirlooms and associations to personalities. Yet, the JACKLYN member understands that material possessions are constructed to be used not owned. The timeless and sharp silhouettes offer both physical and emotional elements of female empowerment and confidence.


JACKLYN is a lifestyle, it acts to forester a community of strong women who have found what they are suited for and embody a sense of wholeheartedness. They are not afraid to be vulnerable and are unapologetically themselves. It is about nurturing a sense of self and exploration, helping other women find their path and continue to grow and learn. It is about consciously co-creating and collaborating. The pieces are there to be worn but what is done and felt when wearing those pieces is created by the individual, making one person’s possessions unique from another's.


Founder Emily Gurr explains, “I created JACKLYN as a way to embed my own values and voice into a brand I can tangibly communicate within a large multifaceted industry. I am extremely passionate about being a part of the change within the industry to slow it down and be more responsible throughout the whole supply chain process. I struggle with using the term sustainable as inherently producing new goods is not sustainable but the goal is to be responsible in having minimal impact on the environment.